Charitable BequestDo you want to LEAVE A LEGACY after you are gone?

There are many ways to leave a gift to a NPO (Not-for-profit) or charity that has touched your heart in some way. Some of these include:

  • Leaving a Gift in your Will
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Gifts of Securities
  • Gifts of Property

The Benefits of Naming a Charity in your Will

Putting a charity in your Will is the simplest way that you can leave a charitable legacy behind. With a charitable beneficiary, you will be remembered after your death for the values that you held dear during your lifetime. You will feel good now knowing that you will be making a significant and lasting difference to causes that you care about and have touched your life.

Your charitable gift(s) can be in the form of a fixed amount or it can be a percentage of what is left after tax and other costs have been paid. If your beneficiary is a registered charity, your estate will receive a charitable gift receipt in the amount of your gift which will offset taxes owing on your estate. The charitable tax receipt can be applied up to 100% in the year of death and in addition, carried back one year. You may feel concern that heirs will receive less if charity is named in a Will. Your family and others who depend on you should always come first.

Charitable bequests are exempt from Estate Duty and are deducted from the Estate before the Duty is calculated.

Your advisor(s) can help you to decide if this is best for you. It is recommended when drawing up your Will, that you consult a legal advisor who can ensure your final wishes are met. As well, it is recommended that you consult with family members so they are involved in your legacy decisions.

Should you prefer, you can make a gift to House Otto during your lifetime. Many donors and friends choose this course. Their gifts range from cash donations to wheelchairs and could even include fixed property. No matter how large or small, your support in the form of a gift or bequest to House Otto it will make an invaluable contribution to our quest to realise this dream of helping Quadriplegics and Paraplegics to live independent lives in their own communities.

Leaving a bequest to House Otto offers you a fine opportunity to extend your support and influence beyond your lifetime and keeps alive for years to come your hopes, your ideals and your vision. When you include House Otto in your will, you become a partner in progress and we will do our best to do you proud.


Should you decide to include a legacy to House Otto in your will, please accept our heartfelt thanks. We would be grateful if you could let us know of your intentions and how you wish us to keep in touch with you in the future. We would also be pleased to provide whatever other advice or assistance we can.