Our move to Kempton Park and Golf Day

Since our last post quite a bit has happened at House Otto.

The building project we had going to make the house accessible for us and to erect our staff quarters was completed at the beginning of August 2014. Thank you Paul Goncalves and Denton Sander at Couteract Holdings for the stunning job done. Without you a lot that was done would not have been possible.

We were able to move in on 16 August 2014 and this day started with pouring rain so a lot of our boxes got wet and had to be unpacked as soon as possible to prevent damage. We saw the rain as a blessing on our move rather than an obstacle. Thanks goes to all our family and friends who assisted on the day, we really appreciate each and everyone of you immensely.

We had our annual golf day at Benoni Lake Club yesterday and thanks to all the golfers that played and some sunny weather a lot of fun was had by all who participated despite the day starting with some strong winds providing a challenge. Once again our thanks goes to Wilfred Alexander who was our main sponsor on the day and also our co-organizer. Thanks also goes to Rob van Veltzen and his team at Benoni Lake who made the day enjoyable. Thank you to Van Loveren Wines, Peacehaven Lodge, Corrie Dreyer, Graham Renfrew, Alex du Toit, SupaQuick Brakpan and Care Care Voucher who sponsored prizes for the day.

It is always a pleasure to see our loyal golfers coming back to support us every year and also to welcome new golfers to our fundraising day. All funds raised go towards sustaining our running costs which we find very difficult to raise funds for otherwise. Thank you once again to each and everyone that played because without you this day simply would not be possible. We hope to see all of you back next year and hope that you will bring your friends along so that we might have a full field.

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